Oogie Art Press specializes in art education material, including art college admissions, portfolio preparation, and various art techniques. Based on Wook Choi's 35 year teaching experience around the world through portfolio prep establishment Oogie Art, Oogie Art Press offers students and art enthusiasts real world art education knowledge.


Art College Admissions 1


An insider’s guide to portfolio preparation, selecting the right college and gaining admission with scholarships. 
In the first half of this book, you’ll learn how vital a role art plays in the success of businesses today, what admissions committees at top art colleges really look for when deciding who to admit, and essential tips for developing award-winning art portfolio pieces. In the second half, you’ll learn about the distinct advantages and histories of the most highly-ranked and popular art colleges in the Northeast, specific and actionable tips for getting into each school, and any changes these schools have made to their admissions criteria in recent years. 


Smart Sketchbook™


This 9 series of Smart Sketchbooks are filled with step-by-step exercises
and expert tips proven to help you improve your drawing skills in less
than a month. 

This book is the accumulation of teaching experience for over 30 years in the visual arts. We have narrowed down the basic steps for students and any beginners to learn how to draw complex objects, build strong foundational skills, learn over 100 expert tips, diversify your drawing techniques, choose the right drawing supplies and to receive step-by-step guidance. 






In Part I, you'll gain inside information on the top undergraduate art programs within colleges and universities or art schools throughout the USA. You'll also be introduced to some of the most renowned schools in Europe & Asia, which will broaden your range of schools and programs to choose from. You might also start thinking about having an education overseas and the unique experience it will provide in your growth as an artist or designer.  

Each school was interviewed, and questions answered by dept. chairs, admissions officers, faculty & staff about any exciting program developments, famous alumni, and advice on the importance of studying art & design today. This guide will potentially help you narrow down or broaden your options, while providing practical information such as application & portfolio requirements, deadlines, and tips on portfolio development.

An exciting addition to Part II is reading firsthand the advice from various professionals in the creative field: ranging from CEO's, creative directors, and executives of top art, design, & technology companies, art critics and writers, artists, and designers throughout the world. Read on how they came up with the vision for their company, how technology is affecting their business and outlook, and any personal advice for students graduating and entering the creative fields today. 

Reconstructing your Art Portfolio


Browse through student artworks that are all excellent examples of thoughtful and dynamic mixed media projects. Each artwork challenges different ways of creative thinking when it comes to developing traditional themes such as still-life, self-portraits, interiors, etc. You will learn that your artwork doesn't always have to fit inside a canvas or rectangle, that you can integrate interesting materials and collage or site specific installations and sculptures. Learn about the lasting effect that different materials & color have on communicating unique themes and ideas in art.

After reading this book, you will have a newfound approach to your own creative discipline.